Current Episode: What is a Cinderella Story?

Cinderella stories are among the oldest in the world. They appear in every culture throughout time. But why are these stories so common and enduring? Why are they mostly about young women? And how can we continue to keep the tradition of Cinderella Stories alive?

Learn about the basic structure of a Cinderella Story and how to write your own in the first of an ongoing series on this topic.

See the show notes for a creative writing activity based on Cinderella stories.


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TQ Townsend loves reading stories to children as well as examining them from a grown-up point of view. A native of Los Angeles, she holds degrees in History and English Literature. She currently lives in rural Leicestershire in England.

The Children’s Literature Podcast examines children’s books for teachers, parents, and maybe even a few savvy teenagers. This podcast looks into the background and cultural context of a story, helping educators and parents to deliver deeper understanding to the kids they teach. With each episode you’ll find lessons, activities, and fun that can bring a story to life whether it’s being read at home or taught in the classroom. You’ll also find original fiction, musical arrangements, and artwork by TQ Townsend here.

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