Audiobook – Dottie the Reindeer

Here is a little stocking stuffer for the kids to listen to. I came up with this story in the last few weeks to entertain my youngest daughter, who often feels frustrated when she is told she is too little to do certain things. It’s about Dottie, the daughter of two very famous reindeer, who can’t wait to be big enough to pull Santa’s sleigh. But while she has to wait until she is a grownup, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some way for her to help on Christmas Eve!

Even when children are too little to do certain grown-up things, they are never too little to do something, and it’s important for adults to find ways for even the littlest among us to contribute.

Merry Christmas!


32 – Audiobook: Rune Dances

As a summer holiday treat, here is an audio-only version of my story Rune Dances, which is about having the confidence to try new things, even if that means making mistakes sometimes. I thought an audio track might come in handy for bedtime, short car rides, or other times when staring at a screen wasn’t a good idea. The illustrated version is still up on on YouTube, and I’m working on a Spanish version of Rune Dances that will be out soon. My YouTube channel will feature original stories and also occasional podcast episodes that might especially benefit from images.

Regular episodes will resume next week when I’m back from vacation.


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15 – Audiobook: Tiger Gives the Babies a Bath

I’m very much enjoying my vacation back home in Southern California. Next week I’ll be back with my conclusion to the four part series on the children’s novels of Frances Hodgson Burnett. For now, please enjoy this sneak peek from my upcoming collection, Stories About Tiger, the Best Dog in the World. This story is called “Tiger Gives the Babies a Bath” and is about a time when some little cousins got covered in sweet potato. Tiger was happy to help them get cleaned up.

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14 – Audiobook: Tiger Takes Me for a Walk

I’m on vacation with my family in Los Angeles over the school holidays for Easter, so you’ll have to wait for the dramatic conclusion to my series on Frances Hodgson Burnett. I wanted to have something to share with you during the break, though, so here is a sneak preview of one of the original stories I’ve been working on. There will be another story next week, and after that I’ll be back to my regular schedule. Please forgive the slightly lower audio quality as I’m away from my usual recording setup.

When I was a kid, my grandma had an awesome dog named Tiger. A while ago I started telling my own children stories about him. But as with all childhood memories, some details are muddled, and some parts of the story get condensed or embellished. But the events in this story pretty much happened the way I tell it, in which I was so silly as to think it was a good idea to wear roller skates while taking a very energetic boxer for a walk.

The image for this episode was taken by Vicki Mitchell from Austin, US and is displayed by Creative Commons 2.0 license.