120 – Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode Eight

How well did this episode wrap up the onscreen adaptation of The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan? How many Snapes did the episode earn for its faithfulness to the source material? Did Percy’s big moment with his dad hit the same way it did in the book? Find out!

Activity: The Nature of the Greek Gods

Students can research the more practical side of Greek Mythology. The gods of Olympus were believed to have real physical bodies, which flowed with ichor rather than blood. The gods ate and drank ambrosia and nectar, which were forbidden to mortals with very few exceptions. Research what happened when gods were wounded and how they felt about the sight of seeing these wounds. Find out how ambrosia and nectar were served to the gods and which deities served it. Learn which mortals were given the privilege of the sight or smell of divine food, and what happened to naughty mortals who tried to steal it!