Spring Writing Challenge!

In my interview with Tom the Tale Teller, I was amused by a remarkably soulful painting of a cow hanging on Tom’s wall. During the Spring of 2023, I asked listeners to send in short stories, poems, or artwork inspired by this delightful Holstein.

Boy, did you deliver! The following five outstanding entries were featured on the show:

“Lydia the Dancing Cow” by Tillie, read by Emmy Phillips
“Moo Haiku” by Edie, read by ChloĆ« Townsend
“Bovine Lullaby” by Chris, sung by T.Q. Townsend
“Cow Power” by B.C. Byron, read by T.Q. Townsend
“Lisa the Cow and Her Missing Spots” by Olivia Lee, read by Tom the Tale Teller Phillips