Original Stories

Cindy Feller: An Old West Fairy Tale

An original story by TQ Townsend and Chloƫ Townsend. Adding to the Cinderella tradition, this tale takes you to the Old West, where a gal named Cindy has to outfox her nasty stepsisters Maybelle and Azeline and her rotten stepma, Madame Lurleen. With gumption and help from loyal friends, Cindy finds her way to a fancy shindig and finds the courage to stand up for herself, her farm, and her family.

“Ricky the Racer” by E. Harlow Mortensen, retold by TQ Townsend

A bedtime story made up nearly 70 years ago by TQ Townsend’s grandfather which has now been in the family for four generations. This is an exciting tale about a talented driver named Ricky who has to choose between easily winning a race and stopping to help a lost puppy.